Our Philosophy
Rise Management (RM) is a business consulting firm, it’s headquarters are located in Zug (German-speaking part of Switzerland).
RM specializes in strategic business development, international taxation, entrepreneurial finance as well as asset management.
Our main capital is a team of:
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theorists, doctors of sciences, and also shows belonging to the universities of the world
former government employees
members and leaders of international industry associations and communities
current and former leaders of successful businesses
Our associates are allocated in three groups of expertise. The first group handles all technical aspects such as strategic and legal components, the second implements the tactics of operations while the third follows up with the administrative tasks.
International Taxtation
Entrepreneurial Finance
Strategic Business Dev
IT services
Techical Part
Operational Part
Administrative Part
Handling the contact with fiscal authorities to discuss the administrative matters related with local taxation
Custom duties and declarations
Tax and VAT returns
Validation of the prototype by our legal and tax department
Implementation of a prototype of strategic optimization
Fiscal aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions
Election of the best jurisdiction with regards to client’s business model. Application of favorable tax regimes
Study of treaties and bilateral agreements for the elimination of double taxation
In depth analysis of a fiscal situation in order to obtain it’s optimization (social security contributions, value added tax, corporate income tax, royalties and interests, withholding tax levied on dividends, tax on capital gains as well as wealth tax)
Transfer of companies’ domiciliation
Patents registration and trademarks
Assistance while tax auditing
Management of tax disputes
Application of favorable fiscal regimes (mixed enterprises, holding, etc.)
Negotiations with competent authorities regarding tax rulings
Application of the fiscal conventions and double taxation agreements
Incorporation of companies in designated jurisdiction
Techical Part
Operational Part
Administrative Part
Consolidation of financial statements
Financial and cost accounting Auditing (outsourced service performed by a firm from our network in Switzerland in respect of the Swiss Code of Obligations)
Validation of the prototype by our legal and tax department
Support in strategic decision making such as IRR, Risk and NPV
Support in the selection when different business opportunities arise
Developing financial plans and returns in comparison with risk assessments
Support in the selection of banking partners
Corporate valuation based on several methods (Multiples, Comparable, Book Value, DCF, UEAE and others)
Assistance in company liquidation
Assistance in family owned business transfer
Assistance in debt collection
Fund raising
Advice in cash management
Handling the information exchange with the bank compliance department
Handling and maintaining of the banking relationships
Support in Bank account openings in selected jurisdictions
Management of payments and invoicing
Techical Part
Operational Part
Administrative Part
Payroll management
Company domiciliation
Assistance in partnership selection and due diligenc
Sales strategy and Marketing
Advice in HR management and development of organizational charts
Product development and conceptual study
Market penetration strategy (at an international level)
Set up of comprehensive business plans
Representation of your interests in general meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors
Assistance in legal settlements
Drafting of contracts
Negotiation of business deals on your behalf
Acting as an intermediary on your behalf
Administration mandates
Assistance in the selection of premises
Incorporation of legal structures (By laws, Act before the Public Notary, Legal formalities with Commercial Register, Translations, etc.)
Administrative and clerical services (back office, mail management, phone services, data servers and bases)
Brainstorming on company restructuration
Risk management and contingency plans
Set up of KPIs and performance monitoring
Documents certification
Translation of documents
Our Teams
We work only with the most experienced specialists
Executive MBA «Senior manager»
Andranik Muguchevich
Expert «Specialist in financial and administrative management capacity»
Alexey Vladimirovich
PhD in economics «Founder, managing partner of the consulting company "Open mind - Business Bureau». »
Marala Odzharovna
Candidate of Economic Sciences
«Teacher of the MBA program of the higher School of Busines»
Valentina Viktorovna
Candidate of Economic Sciences
«Business Coach»
Daniil Valerievich
Elena Veniaminovna
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor «Member of the Association of Independant Directors»
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Our Contacts
Office 1902 19/F
Hua Fu Commercial Building
111 Queen’s Road West
Chaussée de Louvain
426B-1380 Lasne
Belgium (BRUSSELS)
Краснопресненская наб. 12
Офис 745
Russia (MSK)
Rue du Mont-Blanc
4CH-1201 Geneva
Switzerland (GENEVA)
Bahnhofstrasse 28
CH-6302 Zug
Switzerland (ZUG)
We welcome our clients in our Head-office in Zug as well as in Geneva (Switzerland) but also in our offices located in Moscow (Russia), Brussels (Belgium) and Sofia (Bulgaria). Upon arrangement, the meeting can be arranged in Hong-Kong or Mauritius as well as at the client’s office.
We welcome our clients in our Head-office in Zug as well as in Geneva (Switzerland).

Also in our offices located in Moscow (Russia), Brussels (Belgium) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Upon arrangement, the meeting can be arranged in Hong-Kong or Mauritius as well as at the client’s office.
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